We Are Pleased to Announce a Major Expansion into the Philippines

What had started as a 10 person facility, is now expected to have over 50 employees by year end. This expansion is in support of our “Right Sourcing” Model.

Naren Thota, Infosemantics CEO said “We have been very pleased with the quality of the employees we have been able to attract in Manila – all incredibly dedicated and very knowledgeable in their field. The Philippines is not a short term investment but a critical long-term strategic partner for Infosemantics.”

Andrew Preston, VP of Asia Pacific & Business Intelligence for Infosemantics added, “The mix of competency and an attractive price point has made Manila an obvious location choice for us. We had evaluated many countries in the region, but the Philippines was head and shoulders above the rest. We’ve also integrated high level American and Australian management to the team, to allow better communication on projects with US companies.”

“This model allows us a best of breed approach to projects. While not coming in at the lowest per hour cost, the strong mix of US and Philippine resources allows us to deliver the highest quality and lowest overall project cost,” noted, Susan Bain, Vice President.

Joel Howard, a key contributor to Infosemantics’ strategic direction, marketing, alliances, has been promoted to Business Development Director for Asia Pacific.