Snowflake Finance data model Accelerators for rapid on-prem Data Warehouse transition …

Infosemantics is pleased to announce the readiness of Finance model Accelerators for rapid Snowflake transition from on-prem Financial Data Warehouses (based on Oracle E-Business Suite but can quickly support any number of other ERPs).  Our Accelerators also allow quick unification of multiple heterogenous warehouses/sources into a single reporting layer. The models are developed to function in a Continuous Integration and Delivery Management (CI/CD) environment, with on-line data lineage and other documentation. Please contact for more details on this exciting new offering.


Below is an example of a Sample dashboard done in PowerBI. However, our models can support any major BI tool kit:


Snowflake Partnership

Snowflake is the premier cloud data warehouse built for the cloud. Working with Snowflake, we can transform your workloads from your legacy systems to the cloud or create brand new workflows, for a very affordable price point. Better yet, there is no long term commitment, so you can proceed as quickly or as slowly as you desire. Infosemantics is a Snowflake partner with certified consultants on board, and developed fast-track methodology along with data model references/templates to expedite transition over to Snowflake.