Experienced Resources

Infosemantics has the experienced resources to get the peak performance out of your Teradata system, with broad experience managing and optimizing system across multiple industries.

What You Need

Whether your needs are for database & query performance tuning using advanced features available in the Teradata Database or the definition or refinement of workloads during different times of the day to system monitoring and database object optimization, Infosemantics can help.

Multiple Disciplines

Infosemantics resources are well versed in TSM (Teradata Solution Methodology), Control Framework, Industry Data Models and Teradata’s Three-Tier Data Architecture to insure that ETL/ELT work following Teradata’s recommended best practices.

Areas of Expertise

  • Implementation, customization, and support of Teradata Analytics solutions, such as TDE and EAS
  • TSM (Teradata Solution Methodology) – Best practices for implementing your data warehouse solution
  • TASM (Teradata Active System Management) – Definition and optimization of workloads.
  • Control Framework: Teradata’s framework that provides a facility to manage ETL/ELT job processes and the ability to trace and audit Insert/Update/Delete operations
  • Industry Data Models (Financial, Telecommunication, Airline/Travel)
  • Three Tier Data Architecture: T1 (Staging), T2 (Core-3nf) and T3 (Semantic)
  • Teradata Tools & Utilities: TPT (Teradata Parallel Transport) and Teradata legacy scripting, loading and extraction utilities (Bteq, Fastload, Multiload, Fastexport)
  • Teradata Viewpoint for system performance monitoring
  • Database Administration
  • Database Object Optimization utilizing advanced features only available in Teradata