Successful Strategic Partnership with Teradata Helps Win Award


Infosemantics Partners with Teradata to make complex TDE implementations faster than ever before

Infosemantics, Inc. is proud to be part of a strategic partnership with Teradata for implementation services of Teradata Decision Experts (TDE) which provides intelligent, pre-configured reporting and analytics for Oracle and Peoplesoft Financials environments within a massively-accelerated time frame.

This partnership is working so well, that when the two companies provided a multinational banking and financial services company with a new financial data analytics platform, it won them the Best Regional Data Analytics Project Award for 2014 within the banking industry. This major integration and implementation project brought a single view to an enormous volume of financial data that was previously kept in ten separate PeopleSoft instances worldwide. The combination of the speed of the Teradata Platform along with a single overview of the data allows the company to view their collective data quickly and easily, and also allows for a single over-arching set of consistent hierarchies to be applied.

Infosemantics managed the implementation of Teradata Decision Experts (TDE), the critical heart of the financial data analytics project. Infosemantics is a worldwide leader in implementing MSP services for Teradata, supporting Business Intelligence deployments using Teradata Decision Experts, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Hyperion for the Teradata Customer base.

Naren Thota, President and founder of Infosemantics stated, “We feel that Teradata and Infosemantics have given this world-class organization a world-class reporting platform. The Teradata Database can easily handle Billions of rows of data, and the ability to implement Teradata Decision Experts quickly is a major plus for clients.”

The new technology will enable faster and more accurate decision- making as information can be made available on a daily instead of weekly basis. The multi-national bank used Teradata Decision Experts as a foundation for integrating, securing and standardizing general ledger and human resources data across 53 countries.

Naren Thota elaborated, saying,”A key component of the project is the ability to view all ten source systems data in a unified, yet detailed system. Also, the ability to allow re-mapping of hierarchies on-the-fly is a huge plus for this application.”

Currently, Infosemantics is performing a similar implementation in partnership with Teradata for a global manufacturer of power generation equipment based in the U.S., sourcing large amounts of data from multiple versions of Oracle ERP systems.