Infosemantics V.P., Susan Behn, Named Oracle ACE Director

Infosemantics’ Vice Principle, Susan Behn, has earned the unique distinction of being named an Oracle ACE Director. The top-tier of the Oracle ACE levels, Oracle ACE Directors are individuals who not only meet the requirements of an Oracle ACE (that is, a track record of advocacy), but who can also commit to future participation in an ongoing dialog between Oracle and the people who use Oracle Technology or Applications in the “real world. ” Most Oracle ACE Directors have also made extraordinary contributions of some kind, whether technical or community-oriented.

Above and beyond those of an Oracle ACE, Oracle ACE Director qualifications include:

  • Track record of major contributions to the community, technical and/or community-oriented
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Reputation in the community as a thought leader in their area of expertise
  • Ability to commit to participation in an honorary (non-compensated) capacity for 12 months


Congratulations on this well-deserved distinction, Susan!