Other Services

Other Services

Infosemantics, Inc. offers other services that include Workday and PeopleSoft.

The following are some of the areas Infosemantics engages in complementing our staffing service offerings:

  1. Workday: Post-production support
  2. PeopleSoft: Development and Support

  • Cloning, Patching, Backups, Archives, Database monitoring services
  • Performance tuning and optimization services
  • 24*7 Failover and High-Availability production support services

Application development services for finite requirements

  • Oracle Reports, Forms, Interface development (including OA framework)

*Note: Oracle reports is a sun-setted product but we still provide support for backward compatibility

  • XML Publisher and BI Publisher report development
  • Business Intelligence implementations and support (Oracle, Teradata, Snowflake)

Unit-testing support services

  • Support on-site and the team in the US to prepare documentation for iterative testing within each phase of the project lifecycle

Training guides for on-going training to end-users, and IT staff using UPK (User Productivity Kit)

Infosemantics facilitates the following for an efficient and effective work environment in our offshore development centers:

  • Secure project development environment
  • Dedicated world class Development Centers
  • State-of-the-art communication and support infrastructure
  • High Bandwidth connectivity
  • A variety of hardware platforms
  • Access to training and education on all new evolving technologies