Remote DBA Services

Our onshore team of knowledgeable senior consultants has been working together for years to serve our clients in multiple capacities: Oracle Applications Database Administrators, Systems Administrators, and in a Lead Architect role, advising on hardware selection and network topology to provide:

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • 24 x 7 monitoring with 15 minute response time n Performance Tuning
  • Cloning
  • Patching
  • Cost Effective Production Support
  • Superior Issue Resolution

Remote Services Client Profiles

  • The company employs a fulltime Apps DBA but needs to offload ongoing maintenance related tasks
  • The company has minimal IT staff and seeks to completely outsource the Applications DBA role
  • The company employs a junior Database Administrator and needs an on-call team of senior resources familiar with its Oracle environment
  • The company needs 24 x 7 support in high availability environment and needs additional coverage during sick leave, PTO, etc.

Remote Services Overview

  • Full System Assessment
  • Database and Application Systems Availability and Conditional Events Monitoring n Ongoing Database Support and Maintenance
  • Proactive Performance Tuning and Management
  • Timely, Detailed Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Information Reports
  • Problem Resolution Support
  • Continual System Review
  • Security Policy Review